The No Code List is curated by Drew Thomas (@truedrewco) and is a project under the Work and Whistle umbrella.

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What I'm trying to do with this list...

No-code doesn't mean there's literally no code. It just means creating, running, marketing, and monetizing without being a coder or having to partner with one.

Therefore, some products you'll see on this site may seem strange at first. But if you remember it's anything to create, run, market, and monetize, they usually make sense.

Products on this list are curated, and descriptions are short but thoughtfully written. The No Code List is fair and open-minded, but it does have an opinion. Mainly, my opinion.

My goal with the No Code List is to help people vet no-code software when they're considering a project. Everyone- from the solo maker to the head of an obscure department in a stodgy corporation- can benefit from no-code tools, and I want to make it easy for them to both discover and vet the right tools for their unique needs.

The first way I did this was simply listing no-code software and tagging it with categories. While there are several huge lists now, there were none when I built the No Code List. I built it so I'd have something to link to in articles I wrote about no-code.

Next, I compiled as many links to real-world examples as I could. There's no faster way to know what software can do than using real products built with it.

Since the beginning, I've marked software as "I've tried this" or "I use this." I've been told it adds credibility and that it's a nice touch. As the list has grown, I decided to expand that feature and open the site up to outside experts. And I made the feature a little bigger with dedicated comments pages for any software with comments.

Right now, there are only a handful of comments, and they're all from me, but I'm in the process of getting comments from a group of high-profile experts, and eventually public comments.

How this site is built...

The No Code List itself is run off of Airtable on the backend and Ghost on the frontend.

Airtable houses the data and provides an API for the main list and comments, accepts submissions, and with Zapier, compiles each week's new tools for the weekly email.

Ghost (through Ghost Pro) provides the publishing framework and the hosting platform for this website. As part of a custom theme, I wrote some code to pull in data from Airtable, through a separate, custom API.

Each week, I send an email with newly added tools using Mailchimp.

A look at the Airtable base behind the No Code List