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About the No Code List

Who makes this... and why?

The No Code List is curated by Drew Thomas (@truedrewco) and is a project under the Work and Whistle umbrella.

To submit no-code software, use the submission form.

For advertising and other partnerships, email

What I'm trying to do with this list...

No-code doesn't mean there's literally no code. It just means creating, running, marketing, and monetizing without being a coder or having to partner with one.

My goal with the No Code List is to help people identify the perfect no-code software for their project. Everyone- from the solo maker to the head of an obscure department in a stodgy corporation- can benefit from no-code tools, and I want to make it easy for them to both discover and vet the right tools for their unique needs.

How this site is built...

The No Code List itself is run off of Airtable on the backend and Ghost on the frontend.

Airtable houses the data and provides an API for it. It also accepts submissions, and with Zapier, compiles each week's new tools for the weekly email, sent with Mailchimp.

Ghost (through Ghost Pro) provides the publishing framework and the hosting platform. I'm using a custom-built theme that uses a custom-built API that abstracts the Airtable API (so there is some code, too).